Italian National Lacrosse Team tryout

Dear Coaches and Lacrosse Enthusiasts,

My name is Brian Vona, I am the Men’s coach for the Italian National Lacrosse Team. I would appreciate it if you could forward this note to any prospective players with Italian Lineage who would be interested in becoming part of the Italian National Lacrosse Team or the Italian Developmental Team.

The Italian National Lacrosse Team will be hosting an American based tryout on Thursday,  August 8th at St. Anthony’s High School in Melville, NY. The tryout will be held from 2pm to 6pm.

To tryout for the team you must prove lineage with any of the following (Parent, Grandparent or Great Grandparent born in Italy).

The purpose of the tryout is choose players for both teams. One of which will compete in the European Championships in Wroclaw, Poland in July 2020. That team will also be the basis for choosing our team to represent Italy in the world games in British Columbia in 2022.  The Italian Developmental Team will also compete internationally as well as locally within the US.

To make one of these teams you will need to attend the tryout this summer OR be seen by the evaluators in a college or professional game by or before October 31, 2019.

In addition to our tryouts, we are looking for volunteers to get involved with the Italian American Lacrosse (IAL) which will focus on developing our National teams as well as building the sport of lacrosse in Italy. We are looking for people to get involved at all levels and will announce our Board In October 2019.

Please see the links below to register as a player or to get involved in the IAL

Again, since the tryout is drawing near, could you please forward this as soon as possible to your contacts.

Thank you,
Brian Vona
Men’s National Team Coach
C 617 438 4855

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